Friday, December 5, 2014

What was November about about?

I began November on a journey to finish a novel in 30 days. Much like many writers.
I began Finding Faith on November 1st and completed it on November 29.
Despite work and what seemed like constant car trouble I managed it.

I made up my badge for my FB page to let everyone know just what I was doing.


Finding Faith: A Dragon's Fate Heart Series Book 2

My first NaNoWriMo project was Stealing Hope. It has been picked up by Ardent Publishing along with the rest of the series.
Here's a peek at them both!

Stealing Hope is scheduled to be released in 2015.

Here's an unedited snippet from Stealing Hope:

“What?” Ari looked up distractedly. “Just hold her down.” Hope was wiggling trying to get away, her face burning. Two unclothed men were dangerous, especially when they were tearing at her clothes.
“Oh for goodness sakes, Ari sit down, let me put her in your lap so she can’t get away. Then I can check her leg. Can’t you smell her, she’s in a panic.”
Ari looked at the woman in his arms. She was struggling and there was a scared expression on her face.
“What’s the matter?” Ari sat and pulled her into his arms. His body was hard beneath Hope, no softness whatsoever. She tried not to panic further. At least with him sitting with her in his lap she didn’t feel as vulnerable.
“Please let me go. I don’t want you two to hurt me.” He looked down at her puzzled.
“Why would we hurt you? I just want to check your wound and see if I need to doctor it.”
Hope settled down gazing up at him. She wanted to believe him, but she didn’t know either of the men. They didn’t look familiar and travelers could sometimes be trouble. Hope nodded and decided to wait and see. Hope no longer had her knife so she had no weapon to defend herself. She could only hope they were harmless to her.
“Good.” Ari settled her in his arms, her wounded side out toward the other man. She turned her face into his chest, biting her lip. “Crag, check out her wound. It is still bleeding, though not as much I think.”
Crag gently pulled her leg out and lifted it up, turning his head sideways. “She was bit. There are bite marks and some flesh is ripped.” He laid her leg back down. “She’s going to need a poultice to make sure it doesn’t get infected and she probably needs stitches.” Hope peeked, looking up at the man who held her.
“Damn. Did you bring a first aid kit?”
“Didn’t you?”
“Um.” Hope could practically see him think. “I think I did. It should be with my clothes in the waterproof sack.” She was glad to hear that he had clothes. She perked up upon hearing that.
“Good. I did too. Let me get what we need.” Crag looked over at Ari and Hope could see a twinkle in his eyes. “I’ll put some pants on too. I think our state of undress is scaring her.” Hope colored. He must have seen her reaction.
Ari looked startled. “Is this true?” He demanded. Hope hesitantly nodded. “Well why didn’t you say so?” Ari shook his head, mumbling under his breath. “Why do women make communicating so hard?”
Hope didn’t think she was supposed to hear that, but it raised her brows and had her rolling her eyes. Crag laughed, as low as Ari spoke he had evidently heard him and seen her reaction.
“Ari.” Crag spoke getting his attention. “If this is who you think you might want to watch what you say.”
“What do you mean?” Hope looked at back and forth between the two. “Who do you think I am?” She struggled to get up again, but Ari tightened his arms. Hope settled down when she felt his reaction to her movement against her bottom. “Don’t hurt me.”
“What is up with that? I told you we weren’t planning on hurting you.” Ari looked at her with exasperation. “Crag, hurry up with the first aid supplies. Woman, quit moving on me.” Hope realized she had been squirming. She had been trying to get comfortable but the more she moved the worse it got. She froze, understanding dawning.

Finding Faith is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2016:

Now a snippet from Finding Faith:

“Are you ready to leave?”
“Almost.” Faith check to make sure she didn’t have anything left there. She hadn’t really taken much out of her bag just the candles. She grabbed them up and grabbed the lit candle. “I just need to get my clothes from the gate.” She stepped hesitantly around him and grabbed them down. She sighed, at least they were dry. She put them in her bag and turned towards him the flame of her candle wavering.
“Good let’s go.” He grabbed her bag swinging it to shoulder. He then grasped her arm started pulling her out of the tunnel.
“Wait. Lena. I have to get Lena.”
He ignored her and kept pulling her along. Faith tried to get him to her go. He stopped and turned towards her. Good she thought maybe now he listen. He blew out her candle and tossed her over his hard and unyielding shoulder.
The blood rushed to her head. Faith squirmed trying to get down. She gasped in outrage as her bottom stung from his resounding slap.
“Settle down. I know you ran away. But I don’t think you locked yourself up. So let’s just get out of here.”
“You don’t understand. I can’t leave Lena.”
“Who or what is Lena?”
“She’s another victim of Jacob.”
“Where is she? How do you know she’s here?”
“I think I heard her further back down the tunnel. Last night. We need to save her.”
“I need to get you to safety. Did you think Jacob kidnapped you?”
Faith nodded. She needed to convince him to go back and save Lena. She realized he couldn’t see her not with her head thrown down his back. She was finding it harder to talk in this position. Not only did the blood to her head hurt but she realized her body was tingling everywhere she touched him. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it made her squirm.
“Please put me down.”
He stopped walking and slid her down. Faith shivered at the friction of her body against his. She stared up into his eyes. They were a thick molten gold color and sent warmth throughout her body. His hands still held her against him. They were big spanning her back with just one hand. She could see the desire of his eyes. Her eyes widened at the intent she read as his lips descended.
The touch of his lips sent fire burning through her blood. His hands shifted and grasped her pulling her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. His tongue breached her mouth sending warmth along her veins. She could feel herself get damp and start to throb. His hands caressed her ass as they held her up, sliding forward to caress the softest part of her through her pants. The heat of his hands burned as if he was touching her there.
Faith gasped and pulled back.
“Stop.” She could feel the breathlessness in her voice.
He looked at her and once again began kissing her. His lips were soft his tongue demanding is it partnered hers send shivers down her spine as he probed the corners of her mouth. Faith had never felt like this. Her arms wrapped around his neck holding him to her. He leaned back and smiled down at her.

They are both unedited! So I know there are mistakes. I've already managed to catch three just glancing at what I put up. They both have a way to go before they hit the proverbial shelves.

Hope you enjoyed my peak into my dragon's lives.

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