Saturday, May 10, 2014


STAMP OUT HUNGER is the National Association of Letter Carriers' baby. Started 23 years ago to meet the need the carriers saw daily in their communities. It has evolved so that it is almost always the Saturday before Mother's Day. It is a Nationwide event in every community.

Who sees the conditions of their customers better? Seeing their customers daily, you can see who is in need, who is alone. Daily, letter carriers come to the assistance of their customers nationwide. Whether it is checking on the elderly or greeting the people on their route, bringing letters of news or the more common bills, letter carriers are an intrinsic part of the American life.

Today is the 23rd time that I have participated. Not just donating non perishable food, but collecting it. It is a wonderful thing to participate in. It brings in postal families, postal retirees, and postal employees them selves, all to participate. At the office, there is usually a quick snack or lunch for those that help out. We sit together after our shifts and shoot the bull. Those that are on vacation come in just to help that day.

Food is always used in the communities in which it is collected. The Stamp Out Hunger food drive brings all level of postal employees together, the goal to improve the lives of those we serve in one more way.

So, drop a bag at your mailbox, drop a bag at your local Post Office. Donate to help stamp out hunger in America.

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