Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday ~ What are you doing tonight?

I tend to post in the evening, the drawback of a day job that thankfully pays my bills!

I hope you all enjoyed Regan's tale for yesterday. Tonight I'm heading out to do what I do once a month on Thursdays. I'm going to my AMVET's meeting. Tonight we have elections for our board members. Last month was nominations and - surprise, surprise - I ran unopposed for Adjutant.

What is Adjutant you ask?  Well...I'm the record keeper. Think filing, taking meeting notes.
Yep, I'm the secretary. :)

So I'm heading out for the election. I'm also the nomination chairman of a committee of one, LOL.
I have to do my duty and close nominations. The other thing the Commander will do tonight is finish setting up plans for Memorial Day.

We always march in the parade.  We start the morning off with a memorial service for those lost at sea. Myself and another AMVET will toss a wreath into the river to be swept out to sea. It is definitely symbolic. As a Navy Veteran I was given the honor to be one of the two that does this about five years ago.

So, I'm heading out! Have a good night and pray for our men and women that are fighting for our freedoms and helping to keep peace around the world.

Tomorrow's Friday so remember to wear RED.


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