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#Review ~ Kisses Fall by Sascha Illyvich

Kisses Fall
by Sascha Illyvich

Éva thought she had a normal life until a stranger named Álmos shows up with the intent to seduce. When pressed for information, he claims to be a wolf, traveling to see the sights America has to offer, but her gut tells her something is off. 

Every time Éva presses for more information, Álmos gives her what she feels like are only half truths to a bigger picture until it's revealed that Roman, one of the Nobles, a race of deities trying to keep the wolves from Heaven, attacks her home in an attempt to protect her from the wolf menace. 

Every action begets a reaction that only makes things worse as Éva uncovers the truth about her growing love for Álmos, and acceptance of him as part of a triad, until their lover János, is injured and forced to return to Hungary to find a cure in Lake Balaton. 

Vowing to fight Ronan head on, Éva realizes she's taking a huge risk and will probably die, but the relationship that's been rekindled between her and Álmos, and the addition of a third only makes her more determined to win against an enemy with great power.

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My Review:
4 Kisses

Another triad for the Opeth Pack comes alive in sensuality and love. Add in a little distrust, some screwing around by the Nobels and you once again get a convoluted peek at the Opeth Pack dynamics. I enjoy this series. Falling Kisses however, needs the information you'll get in His Reign and Raining Kisses. I wouldn't call it a stand alone. You could read it without the other two, but nuances between the pack and the triads would pass you by. So much better if you understand it all.

Éva and János have been together for ten years, yet not together due to his fear. Éva saves  János and discovers she is a witch. The thing is, she has no memory of her life before ten years ago. All she has are dreams she doesn't understand. She has lost what she can only assume is close to thirty years. Didn't I say the Nobels were screwing around? It's not a spoiler. It happens first thing in the book. But there is so much more we don't know. Like, Éva has another mate she didn't know about, a mate she was stolen from.

As usual. The Opeth Pack has a convoluted and bloody history and a goddess guarantee of Paradise-provided they stay alive. And that's the key. They have to stay alive while the Turkish werewolves, the Nobels and hunters are all gunning for them. I'm curious to see what Sascha has in store for the next installment. What lost members they will bring back to the fold while Éva trains as a witch under Selene to strengthen the pack?

Sascha has a talented pen and a masterful hand at creating sensual and steamy scenes between mates. If you like menage, and paranormal this is a series you'll want to pick up. You'll get lost in the gritty, struggling world of the Opeth Pack as they find their way to finding out what love and family means.

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