Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#Review ~ To Love or Not to Love by Jean Joachim

To Love or Not to Love 
by jean C. Joachim

Miranda Bradford had given up on men. Weighed down by family “baggage”: a sick mother and a sister in design school, Miranda had become the responsible one. An aspiring playwright, she walked dogs to put food on the table. Not available for “over-night” dates, she was stamped “undesirable” by most men, despite her good looks. Until Penn Roberts came along. 

Drawn to her by a mutual love of dogs and laughter, he moved in quickly on the sexy, dark-haired beauty with the magnetic blue eyes. Attracted to him by his outward qualities, it was his loneliness and caring attitude that turned heavy-duty chemistry into love. 

A secret revealed soured her love to hate, or did it? Hope for affection, so long dormant, had buoyed her heart. But the truth had destroyed her dreams, leaving her bitter. Betrayal forced her to face her true feelings and make a decision whether TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE.

Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Manhattan-Dinner-Club-Book-ebook/dp/B00M7JADOA/

Diana's Review:
4 kisses and 3 Flames

This is a sweet and a strong testament to the power of love.  Neither Mira nor Penn are willing to give in.   At least not easily.

I felt Mira was a strong female.  Not giving in to her lust or her love if it means compromising her wants and needs.   Her mother safe and cared for, her sister successful with her career, her father's house.   Penn has excellent guidance from his parent substitutes Maggie and John.  They guide him through his emotions and help him to the place where he can chose love and people in his life over the business his father left to him.   Everyone wins in surprising ways by the end of this book.

I can actually say that I truly enjoyed reading this and I think I may be more critical than others because sweet HEA love stories need that something more.    The more here is the love that surrounds these two as they feel there way to forever.  It's difficult to explain but part of it is those who love them let them work through this seemingly on their own while working behind the scenes to finally acknowledge their own needs and giving them the freedom to make the right choices.

Seriously, I got this book free for an honest review and wasn't sure at all about it.  Surprised me.

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