Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Looking for Holiday tales? Look no further! Borough's Holiday Preview!

Holiday Preview Spectacular

Mistletoe WaltzThe Kiss of a RoseTo Hell With Christmas
Mistletoe Waltz
The Marquess of Hawthorne vowed never to fall in love. He should have vowed never to marry. Caught in a compromising situation, he was forced to wed the young woman he was trying to rescue. Beautiful? Yes. But his new bride’s apprehensions seem worse than his own. He must discover what drives her, what dark secrets keep her unable to trust or love. learn more
The Kiss of a Rose
Like some kind of Ghost of Christmas Past, Rose Van Buren can get a second chance at life…if she can convince politico Stephen Winship to choose love over ambition.learn more
To Hell With Christmas
Eden thought that escaping Hell and an arranged marriage would be the hardest thing she’d ever have to do, but it's keeping her identity a secret, fighting off demons, and falling head over heels for a drop-dead-sexy human that will really require the magic of Christmas. learn more
Her Christmas CowboyA Gift of TrustChristmas at the Abberly Theater
Her Christmas Cowboy
Daisy Phillips has a choice to make: return to Pennsylvania and the Christmases she once knew, or stay in Texas and find a new way to celebate the holiday--with the handsome cowboy who brought joy back to her life. learn more
A Gift of Trust
Lisa Simmons lost the handsome Deputy Rory Keller when he jumped to the wrong conclusion, but this Christmas is going to see both Rory and Lisa get what they want--and need. learn more
Christmas at the Abberly Theater
Grateful to have found each other, the members of the Abberly theatre have learned that nothing is more important than family… especially during the holiday season. learn more
Christmas StarKissing Mr. ScroogeA Gift of Regency
Christmas Star
After a whirlwind courtship, the Christmas season finds plain-Jane-with-a-secret Elle Houston engaged to one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament--and falling for the personal chef at her ritzy, pre-wedding resort.learn more
Kissing Mr. Scrooge
Maddie Timms’s workaholic, type-A boss is forcing her to accompany him on a business trip where she'll miss Christmas at home, but it might just be worth disappointing her family if she can convince the tall, dark, and sexy humbug to embrace the season…and her. learn more
A Gift of Regency
Four stories of long-ago love led off by a Christmas tale, making this the perfect gift for fans of Regency Romance.learn more
A Gift of MagicA Gift of HeartA Gift of Sensuality
A Gift of Magic
An enchanting holiday gift: Four stories celebrating the magic of romance. learn more
A Gift of Heart
A perfect Christmas gift: Four stories celebrating those willing to be part of a team…but who find true love in the arms of that one special person. learn more
A Gift of Sensuality
Want to heat up your holidays? Enjoy these four stories, which are guaranteed to make you sizzle. learn more
The Gift of a WishA Gift of Fantasy12 Tales for Christmas
The Gift of a Wish
Longing for the perfect Christmas gift? These four poignant stories celebrate the power of discovering the heart’s truest desires. learn more
A Gift of Fantasy
Fulfill your holiday fantasies with these five wonderful stories. learn more
12 Tales for Christmas
Twelve Days of Christmas & twelve heart-warming stories that celebrate the holidays. learn more

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