Saturday, November 8, 2014

#Review ~ Love at First Roar by Celia Kyle

Love at First Roar

by Celia Kyle

What happens when a half-blind weremole girl falls for a scarred werebear guy? A match made in furry, dirt-caked heaven. Mostly.

Weremole Kira Kolanowski has spent twenty-nine-ish years of her life half-blind and occasionally half-dead. (Her family isn’t exactly loving.) In an effort to remain fully alive, she moves to Grayslake, Georgia, with her poor excuse for a guide dog—a guide dog who decides to lift his leg and relieve himself on sexy-smelling werebear Isaac Abrams’ belongings. And when he roars…well, it makes her heart go pitter-patter and other parts go “ooh baby, ooh baby.” Just when she thinks she might have found happiness, a raving she-bitch werebear chick tries to kill her with the same poison that scarred Isaac to hell and back. The poison that Kira’s family happens to manufacture…

Isaac Abrams is leaving Grayslake. He’s tried, lord how he’s tried, to settle into life in Grayslake after the birth of his niece, but it’s not happening. He’s been home for a year, and it’s been 365 plus days of women looking past him and flat-out pretending he doesn’t exist. The battle with the hyenas didn’t just ruin his face, it ruined his chances at finding a mate in his hometown. So, he’s leaving. Or he was leaving until one day a lush, curvaceous weremole wanders into his half-packed house with that damned peeing dog of hers…it’s a good thing she’s so gorgeous.

Maybe he will stay—stay and keep Kira Kolanowski all to himself. Well, once he kills everyone who’s trying to kill her.

The GRAYSLAKE series:
1. No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It
2. All Roar and No Bite
3. Roaring Up the Wrong Tree
4. Love at First Roar
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Beverly's Review1
First off, you have to know I begged Celia for the book to do a review! I just love her Grayslake Series. And yes, if she had said no I would have cried and been chomping at the bit until I could buy it. Just like the rest of the series I was thoroughly entertained. Love at First Roar had those laugh out loud moments and then I'd be diving into my tissue box. A gamut of emotions is packed into Love at First Roar. I have to tell you when I read the blurb I was like Gimme! A weremole and a werebear. I'm sitting here just thinking about it and cracking up.
And it's Isaac. I love Isaac. He's the healer and he is so selfless. Yes, he's a horny bear especially when he gets his paws on the curvy Kira. And he definitely gets them on her as often as he can.

She's a mole so she has trouble seeing so of course she has a seeing eye dog. Following her nose, she barges into 

Isaac's home and havoc abounds!  By the way, her seeing eye dog, Ebeneezer, he's hilarious.

For all the pain they both have gone through their zest for life - especially Kira - is a joy to read. Another do not miss for Celia Kyle, get your copy of Love at First Roar.

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