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The Promise Children of Annwn ~ Jennifer Owen Davies ~ Blog Tour

Children of Annwn : The Promise book blurb.

Mia Childs is a stranger to herself, happy to hide in the background because of her terrifying visions. At night, she dreams of Annwn where she meets an outrageous flirt called Ryder and a sense of belonging invades. However, when Mia’s dreams become reality in the shape of a newcomer at school who's identical to the one in her dreams, her reality crumbles.

Ryder’s touch awakens her memories revealing that she is a child of Annwn, a guardian of her magical realm and the mortals. She learns that it was her visions of dwindling pregnancies causing the end of humanity and Annwn, which led her to evoke an ancient law, The Promise, which tests the power of their love and magic as a way to gain entry into the human world.

Now, Mia must embrace her fears in order to fulfill her promise and save humanity because Greyson, a Darkshadow has been manipulating events from the beginning and the fate of everyone she loves lies in her hands

Excerpt One
watched her with weary frustration. His gaze washed over her waif-like features as she stood with shoulders back, proud, and beautiful, yet unaware of how she appeared to the world.
Innocent. Shy. Provocative.
Such an alluring mix, and she was his, even if she didn’t realize that yet. He knew that she wasn’t as unaffected by his presence as she pretended. Even now, he could hear her heart beating thunderously. It wasn’t just fear that made it soar. Her eyes flared with attraction toward him. Watching that, Ryder almost reached out to her, again. Only, he knew it would be a huge mistake.
Too public. Too many prying eyes.
Her silky hair flew around her shoulders as she turned away, leaving him to stare at her long auburn tresses, and he imagined his fingers entwined in her locks. To ignore him was playing with fire. Ryder pushed his thoughts into her reluctant mind, willing her to listen to him and turn around, but he came up against an impenetrable wall. She was deliberately ignoring him, which made him smile. Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard after all. In time, she would accept him—because after all, they were the same. Until then, if she insisted on goading him with these silly games, he was going to give her a reminder of who she was.
The dance hall was overflowing with teenagers striking poses and dancing to the music. Alex stood next to Mia, dressed in a blue plaid shirt and dark jeans. He whispered into her ear, and she nodded. Smiling, he lifted her hand, and led her into a sea of dancers.
Ryder wasn’t going to stand idly by and let this human interfered with Mia. The music changed to a slow beat, and Ryder forced the image of them holding each other out of his head. He concentrated his thoughts on Mia, manipulating his fire elements to send a blazing heat directly into the palms of her hands.

Excerpt Two
The wind picked up pace and whistled through the trees. It was getting cold now. A shiver ran over her, but she didn’t want to move or speak.
“Here, put this on, you’re freezing. We should go. Enough for one night,” Ryder said.
Her heart was still floating up in the night sky, overcome with all that she had learned. How could anything be normal, ever again? Her life and all that she had known had changed. She looked into his eyes and started crying.
“Mia, it’s okay. After the rush, as you said, there’s the fall, the doubt. I know there’s more you want to know, but it can wait,” he said.
“You were right after all,” she added.
“About what?” he cocked his head.
“I do know you,” she said, as her hands entwined in his hair, and she pulled his head towards her face.
“Mia,” he groaned.
She kissed him.
Ryder devoured her mouth, kissing her as if starved of oxygen, and she was fresh air. A rush of sensations took her breath away. The air crackled with electricity, and she clung to him, desperate for his touch, unwilling to let go. He held her face and brushed his thumb against her jaw. Breathing came in small gasps. Her hands brushed against the hem of his T-shirt, and as she touched his warm skin underneath, a searing heat shot through her whole body, down to her toes. Mia’s hands roamed across his back, and as their bodies touched, they lifted off the ground and levitated.
Raindrops fell around them like misty drizzle. Neither of them stirred until the drops increased in size, drenching them. Only then did they become aware of their surroundings and drift back to the ground. Clasping hands, they ran laughing wildly toward the motorbike. They clambered on and drove, laughing, through the soft rain. They were just pulling up at Mia’s house when the rain eased, as if somehow timed just for that purpose.
“It’s just as well we left,” Ryder said, wiping the wet hair out of her face. “I don’t know what would have happened. We could’ve ended up in space. I’ve missed you so much.”

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