Thursday, December 4, 2014

#Review ~ Norty or Nice (Weekend Getaways Book 151) by Amanda Ward

Norty or Nice (Weekend Getaways Book 151) 

What happens when Santa’s ‘nice daughter’ Natalie decides she’s had enough of shoveling reindeer poop and attempts living life on the ‘norty’ side? 

Answer…her guardian Rudy whose poop she has been shoveling up, decides once and for all to take Natalie Claus in his more than capable hooves, sorry hands. To show her that she can be the naughty girl she desires to be, but only with him. When she discovers the beast inside of him, will she run away or harness him to her? 

Love and laughter await Natalie on the sleigh ride of romance but is everyone who they appear to be? 

With a tinkling of bells and plenty of snogging under the mistletoe, Rudy unleashes a side to Natalie that she has never felt before. Join this couple on the ride of their life as the good girl finally finds her naughty side.

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Norty or Nice available December 13, 2014 I snagged an early copy!

A spicy and amusingly naughty tale about Santa's daughter Natalie and a Rudy a shifter at the North Pole.

I thoroughly enjoyed this naughty tale of magic and mischief on the eve of Christmas. Get a little wild and have some fun this Christmas. Santa's list of naughty and nice might surprise you!

I'd enjoy seeing more or this other side of the North Pole.

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