Sunday, January 18, 2015

Writing and research

Yes, I spend an inordinate time in front of my computer. No unfortunately it's not all writing. Some of it is playing on social media. Lots of it is research. My bookmarks would have you shaking your head.
Lots of information on physical therapy. No it's not because of my age!
Mythological creatures abound as I'm always looking up myths & legends to enhance my writing.

The Dutch language is another. Sure, I could have asked my family but as soon at they found out it was for an erotic romance I would have gotten 'the stare', LOL.

Then how to build a small game snare. It's really interesting and if I wasn't afraid of the squirrels back there I might just try it. But they have really good aim and I've been the target of more than one walnut attack.

I've all sorts of injuries listed and how to get them and treat them.

Then there's the poisonous plants.

Need I go on?

It's probably good that I don't bookmark things. My computer history is probably enough to get me arrested!

It's not even that I use all the information. I wanted to know how to set a snare because I have my heroine doing it in Stealing Hope. It is also the reason for the poisonous and medicinal plants. 

It's all research - really!

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