Friday, February 13, 2015

Love Me Forever ~ Huge Giveaway

I've a new submission going in. 

Love Me Forever

I'm keeping my finger's crossed that it's accepted.
Here's just a peek at the unedited version.


Liam nodded. “Shorts would be good. Check the dresser, I should have a comfortable pair in there somewhere. Third drawer down I believe.”
Abby turned around and leaned over to pull open his drawer. He couldn’t help but admire the way her pink sundress fell on her curves. His groin tightened remembering the sight of her in just a thong. He wondered if that’s what she had on under the dress now. His breath quickened a bit imagining running his hands up her soft curvy skin, slipping the dress up to expose her curves.
She straightened up and turned toward him.
“I hope these will work.” She headed toward the bed. “Did you want me to help put them on?”
Liam swallowed and held out a hand. “No, that’s not necessary. I can do it. Just toss them here.”
Abby shrugged. “Okay, no problem. Just let me know if you need me.”
She leaned against his dresser and watched him. He didn’t want her to see him with a hard on. There would be no doubt it was because of her. He had to think fast.
“Could you get me a damp washcloth? I’d like to wash my face real quick.”
Abby straightened up flashing him a smile. “Sure, no problem.”
When she turned away Liam leaned over and slid the shorts over his cast and his other leg and laid back pulling them up as he did. Lifting his ass he slid them up and snapped the elastic waistband in place just as Abby returned. Hopefully the cut off sweats she’d tossed him were thick enough to hide his reaction to her.
“Here you go.” Abby handed him the washcloth, standing there with a towel.
“Thanks.” He eyed the towel, but quickly swiped the cloth over his face. Goosebumps broke out on his arms at the refreshing feel of the coolness on his overheated skin. Liam drew the cloth over his head, enjoying the relief as the pounding in his head subsided.
He looked at Abby and tossed the cloth at her. Liam couldn’t help but smile as Abby jumped. He heard the splat and laughed as it hit her neck.
“Damn it, Liam!” He ducked as the towel came sailing at him. It hit his shoulder, the terrycloth lightly scratching as it slid to his lap. A sense of joy filled him. It had been too long since he had teased Abby. She had always tried to give as good as she got. Liam swiped the towel over his face and set it down.

“Can you bring the chair to this side, Abby? I think it will be easier if I get my cast off the bed first.”


I'll be working on the blurb and synopsis while I wait for my beta readers to finish. Submission deadline is Sunday. So, Yikes! I have to get moving!

So, Since it is Valentine's Day Weekend I've teamed up with a bunch of other authors for a great giveaway. Spearheaded by the awesome Marissa Dobson!

Check it out!

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