Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesdays

I've a dragon shifter erotic romance in the works. Here is a short snippet of the unedited work.  Hope you enjoy!

Stealing Hope A Dragon's Fated Heart

“Yes, that is okay.” A deeper baritone wound through the cave. All of those awake turned their heads toward the sound. “Come my little ones. I will explain.”
Ari, Juevatorj, Crag, Belisa, Hark and Rog lumbered off after the sound of the voice. It came from a tunnel that wandered through the cave. At one point they had to swim through the lava. The warmth wrapped around them and they played until they were sharply called to follow. The second voice was a lighter tenor, firm and instant. One they knew better than to disobey. At once, they ceased their games and continued the circuitous path, sniffing at the gold and silver they could smell, and collecting bits of colored gems they dug out of the walls.
Ari was the first to stumble out. Rearing back, he was shoved from behind, pushed into the light as his eyes whirled in the too bright sun. Stumbling he rolled forward, his momentum stopped by a rock. He and his hatch mates chirped in distress, the sudden light harsh against eyes that had spent centuries in darkness relieved only by the glow of lava.

Deep trilling sounded as they all came to rest outside. Their sire and dam were laughing at their less than graceful exit.

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