Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review ~ Raleigh Point Hostage by Victoria Sue ~ Paranormal Love Blog Hop

Raleigh Point Hostage

There was no such thing as true mates. It was a fairy story Skye had been told when she was a baby, and she certainly didn’t believe the gorgeous blue-eyed bear shifter Riley, when he insisted he was hers. Her life had been one nightmare after another. She’d escaped one prison only to be trapped in another because of the secret she must keep. Held captive, and forced to help some psychopath do monstrous things because of it. Even her wolf had finally given up and left her. 

She thought she’d finally escaped, but she should have known the monster wouldn’t let her go. She had no choice and nowhere left to hide. Could she trust Riley? Finally, stop running? 

Or when he found out the truth, would life be a worse prison than any she’d been locked in before?

I thoroughly enjoy this peek into this world of shifters. Riley's family runs a foster care facility for abandoned shifter children. They have a contact in the FBI that alerts them when one is identified. Why the need? OMG just read the tag line on the cover!

'In a world where human children are often thrown away daily, how much harder is it for those who can turn into animals'

Heartbreaking! Riley is a good guy and I just wanted to hug him and not let him go. Hot yet sensitive. Skye was leery and keeping secrets, trying to protect herself and the children, unwilling to trust Riley because of her fear.

I love the premise of the story. If such a society exists alongside ours, it would seem to me that they would have this problem.

The characters are wonderful, full of depth and making me empathize with them. The story line enjoyable and angsty enough to keep me reading and worrying for Skye and Riley. Definitely worth the time to read as is the first stand alone book in the series!

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