Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogging From A to Z: Quality or Quantity?

Q is for Quality or Quantity

Which do you prefer? Do you prefer to have the writers you love churn out books so you don't run out?  Don't you expect to fall in love with them?

Too often I have read stories that obviously have been put out for quantity. Sometimes in those I find a gem. Good quality entertainment.

I'm slow, I try to make sure you get quality for your entertainment. Good grammer, proper sentence structure and a story line you can follow. POV (point of view) that doesn't jump from person to person in a scene.

I have my faults, I know. NO I'm not going to list them. If you haven't noticed then that's all good! It helps that I have wonderful editors, and publishing houses that use copy editors to make sure that the words are spelled correctly and I'm using the right (write, lol) words.

So, maybe one day I'll be able to right faster so I'll have a large quantity and they'll be quality reads.

You can check out my books and decide for yourself at for links to all my books.

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