Sunday, November 22, 2015

Passport ~ First Class Authors

firstC. M. Wright's first idea, Author Explosion Author Directory, came from a combination of ideas. C. M.'s promotional business, titled Author Explosion Event, was a hugely successful event on Facebook where numerous authors had been featured and promoted since 2013. As of October 1st, 2015 C. M. sold the business. Kyleigh Castronaro now owns the event which is still successful, and still up and running.

Back in December 2013, C. M. promoted a fellow author named Morgan Kearns (co-owner of an author resource directory, Buildin' The Dream, which C. M. is featured in for her author promotional business) and a friendship neither expected was begun. Together, they schemed and plotted, laughed and teased, until the author directory idea was formed. Morgan, being over-worked already, had to decline assistance in bringing the Author Explosion Author Directory to life, but has been a loyal supporter to C. M. and has also been the person C. M. runs to whenever she needs to bounce ideas and obtain some wise advice. C. M. adores and credits Morgan for way more than Morgan probably deserves, but Morgan isn't going to tell her that. Instead, she continues to bask in that shimmering, glittering super hero aura that C. M. swears is surrounding her.

After all, what are friends for? And Morgan is nothing but a true friend.
With the sell of the Author Explosion Event, C. M. had to change the name of the directory. While doing so, she had an even better idea. And that is where the passports came in. With the First Class Author Passports authors will save money by not having to purchase so much of their own swag or pay for numerous shipping charges to each and every event. Now, they only have to purchase one passport page, tell their fans to purchase a passport, then they can get back to work. All authors who purchase a passport page will receive a customized passport stamp that they will be able to use to stamp a fan's passport and one free passport of their own to keep or give away. Fans will be able to purchase a passport which they can have authors stamp and autograph. These will make wonderful treasured keepsakes!

 Authors - Purchase your passport page before the deadline of December 1, 2015. The passports will be ready for purchase by January 1, 2016. The passports are good for one year before authors will need to purchase a new passport page. Passports can be purchased at any time throughout the year. Authors that will be included in the First Class Author Passports at this time are: Mary Marvella MJ Flournoy S. Cu'Anam Policar Melba Moon Natalie-Nicole Bates Author Shakuita Johnson Angela Ford Valari Nicole Jacquie Rogers S. L. Dearing Samantha Jacobey Lynn Peters Morgan Kearns Samantha Bull (SL Bull) C. M. Wright (More to come!) Make sure you are included in these passports! Deadline is December 1, 2015

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