Sunday, November 1, 2015

Want to laugh until you cry?

OMG! I have no idea of how I ended up on this blog for Cracked!

I couldn't stop reading and I couldn't stop laughing. Time to check out more Amazon reviews. They may hide the erotic and erotica books but good heavens the things they sell besides!

Cracked has a blog post entitled:

4 Ridiculous Sex Machines on Amazon (With Hilarious Reviews)

Here is one I found, lol. Unfortunately it doesn't have reviews yet, so feel free to leave one if you purchase it. Available on Amazon, lol.

Then there is a book. This book. Not sure what to think. :)

Just in case you want to buy it here's the blurb:

Embark on an adolescent odyssey across the fringes of 90s Christian culture. Meet deranged Sunday School teachers, homeschool secret societies, youth pastors with frosted tips, and experience the high-pressure, sexually charged world of competitive Bible Quiz.

Then there is the face chair...

One five star review and one one star review, LOL.

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