Saturday, January 28, 2017

Look! I'm here again!

So, I've had a few changes happening in my life. Stealing Hope is no longer available other than in paperback for the moment. My rights were reverted to me.
Stealing Hope will be coming back out. I'm taking care of some errors I found, double and triple punctuation, things like that. The story will remain the same. However I will be releasing Stealing Hope back out after I release the prequel.

Rise of the Dragons, the prequel to Stealing Hope is under edits right now. I'm also working on a cover. Here is what I've come up with so far, but I'm looking for opinions. In the mean time, I'll continue edits!

Do you like it? Is the couple too subtle? What needs changing?

On a personal note, my daughter and granddaughter are moving back in with us, so I'm in destruction mode, tearing out plaster walls and putting up drywall for their move back with us. The plaster is buckling and peeling, held together with lots and lots of paint, lol.

Since my hubby and I will be moving to the smaller room so the girls will have the two bedrooms next to each other, I wanted new walls. I forgot what a mess tearing plaster down is! I came out last night after tackling the first wall, covered in dust from head to toe. At least I remember to cover my nose and mouth. But I'm wearing goggles when I go back in. One wall down, three more and the ceiling to go. Pretty sure I'll need a hard hat for that!

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