Saturday, February 11, 2023

 I've been neglecting this blog! I'm sure you noticed that if you follow it. It has been almost a year since I've been on it. Yikes!

I have not been writing regularly. I'm currently taking a class on writing punchy books. Non fiction. I may be subtly (or not so subtly, lol) changing this blog. I post daily on my other blog and weekly on my other blog on Saturdays.

So, this one will change. I may turn it over to a different genre as SSLY(Smile Somebody Loves You) is a romance blog.

A Dragon's Fated Heart is romance, fantasy and apocalyptic stuff. Through in home renovations and gardening and it is a mishmash of my life.

This will hopefully be a bit different. I love to read and write, though the writing has not been going well. Some days but not others. Eh, life, right?

I read a ton of different genres, so will probably post different stuff on here. Maybe cozy mysteries? I love those, but don't read a lot of them. But I do read them. I'm pretty sure I have the romance covered, lol.

So, it will change. Not sure what it will look like, but change isn't always bad.

I guess turning 60 is changing me in ways I'm not sure about yet. Still moving, still healthy and I have a great family. But I'm looking more selfish, lol. I'm pursing more of my interests than I used to. Maybe sixty is the time to do that! 

This is my sixty!

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