Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Blues? Me too!

The weekend is over so I have the blues!

I was very productive this weekend. I finished the first round of edits for Triple D Dude Ranch and sent them back to my editor. I addressed her concerns, changed things up, responded to anything that didn't seem to work. Face it, if you change one thing, the rest will follow. By the end of all the edits I usually add 1000 more words!
 That is what editing is about. Polishing and improving our voice so that when it gets to our readers it is the best we can make it.
Of course, I like to play with pictures so I always have to do graphics! I haven't seen my cover yet so I can hardly wait. But until then I will continue to play!

When I finished my edits I beta read the first three chapters of an awesome historical. I'm crossing my fingers that the author has the book picked up by the publisher she is hoping to send it in to. It's really really good!

Then I visited with my parents and we watched HGTV for 5 hours! LOL!
My husband got sick of it and went home. I stayed and watched another show until it ended. 
It was dinner time then so I went home and made spaghetti with garlic bread.
More HGTV! 
Flipping the Block
I certainly hope that they do another season of it, I love watching it.
Hope your weekend was so good that you too have 
the Monday Blues!

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