Thursday, October 2, 2014

#Review ~ Perfect Partners by Carly Phillips

Perfect Partners
by Carly Phillips

A "Love Unexpected" Novel ... No sooner had lawyers Chelsie Russell and Griffin Stuart lost their siblings in a car crash than they find themselves fighting for custody of their two year old niece. Griff wins only to discover Chelsie is the only one who can sooth the child's night terrors and fears. Chelsie and Griff bond over the little girl and their growing sexual desire is mutual. But Chelsie's been hurt before and Griff isn't sure he can trust the woman who once tried to take his niece away. What will it take for these two unexpected lovers to believe they can be perfect partners after all?

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4 Kisses

A heart wrenching tale of love and loss. Perfect Partners puts you square in the action in the beginning and continues the emotional roller coaster through out. Both Chelsie and Griffin have their hangups but try to work them out to give their niece the best chance in life despite the tragedy she faced at two years of age.

Despite wanting to protect their hearts, these two lawyers find out that they can become Perfect Partners in parenting, work and life.

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