Saturday, October 25, 2014

What do you do for entertainment?

Me?  I love taking those quizzes on Facebook, LOL.

I know I will die by being hit by a truck.
I will die at 75 years old.

I have a romantic song written just for me!!!

Want to hear it?

As a fantasy creature I am alternately a dragon or a fairy.
In a past life I was Native American.
My psychic ability is astral projection.

My zodiac sign should be Gemini (even if it doesn't describe me at all, LOL) rather than Aquarius which is what I am. (and describes me pretty well)

Evidently I am a wild drunk. Uh oh, they must have known me when I was younger!

I guess I while away too much time doing this, but they make me laugh. And cringe because I've yet to see one without something misspelled!

But, to entertain myself (It doesn't take much!) I'll continue.

Maybe I should find out if I'm going to Heaven or Hell...

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