Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review ~ The Siam Encounter ~ J.A. D'Arcy

The Siam Encounter
by J.A. D'Arcy


Ace, a young man from the outback town of Gimpy, Australia, travels to Thailand for a holiday to escape his inquisitive relatives who are always asking the big question. “Have you found that someone special” yet? 

In Thailand he saves the life of Matt, who turns out to be someone unlike anyone he had ever met before.

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J.A. D'Arcy is a wonderful story teller with a way of describing characters that make them come to life. Ace and Matt are well rounded and believable. 
I know the story line takes place on vacation, so The Siam Encounter is a short and fast romance but it left me feeling like I was missing part of the story.  I wondered why Ace chose Thailand to vacation at. Did Thailand specialize in the type of encounter he was looking for? I would have enjoyed watching Ace and Matt's relationship grow.
Overall, it is an enjoyable book if you are looking for a short read about a first romance.

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