Thursday, August 7, 2014

#Review ~ The Last Woman by SM Shade

The Last Woman
by S.M. Shade

When Abby Bailey meets former model and actor, Airen Holder, in a darkened department store, romance is the last thing on her mind. A plague has decimated the population, leaving Abby to raise her son alone in a world without electricity, clean water, or medical care. Her only priority is survival. 

Traumatized by the horror of the past months, Abby and Airen become a source of comfort for one another. Damaged by her past and convinced Airen is out of her league, Abby is determined to keep their relationship platonic. However, Airen is a hard man to resist, especially after he risks his life to save hers. 

When a man named Joseph falls unconscious in their yard, and Abby nurses him back to health, everything changes. How does love differ in this new post apocalyptic world? Can three unlikely survivors live long enough to find their place in it?

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My Review:
5 kisses!

An intensely enthralling tale of life and its darker moments-and survival. I loved The Last Woman. It kept me reading through the night until I was done. Mind boggling and fascinating I couldn't put it down. Who needs sleep?

Abby and Airen were an unlikely couple that found each other in the aftermath. When they reminisce they always say before. Before the plague. I just loved it! I am a sci-fi geek and love my post apocalyptic movies and tales and The Last Woman really seemed to be, well, realistic. I could honestly see this happening. It's a scary thing.

Making a post apocalyptic world real is not an easy thing. Believe me, I've read and watched enough of them to know. SM Shade makes it real.

The love and caring between the characters grows and flourishes. An unlikely group of people finding each other and overcoming obstacles that would probably have seemed insurmountable-before

Well written, The Last Woman keeps you reading and wondering. No, life after the plague is not easy. Can it be conquered? Can you survive? Just read it and see!

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