Friday, August 8, 2014


Now, most people are thrilled it's Friday, thus the saying Thank God It's Friday.

Right now, not so me.

Why? Because after two months off of work I have to return. So sad. One thing I know is that when I'm able to retire, I definitely will! And it's not too far off in the future either.

What will I do then? Well, write of course. I may get a part time job just so I'm around other people, maybe.
If I can stand it! I do solitary quite well. But I know myself. If I don't get out I'd become a hermit. I enjoy people when I'm around them. I'm a bit shy until I know you, but then...the problem is I have to get to know you!  Social media has been great for me. I meet people in the comfort of my own home and then after a year or two I meet them in person. Not so scary then. ;)

My tour is over. Touched by the Sandman had a good run. I was really happy with it. The tour group did a great job. I was actually tracking the sales on novelrank so I'm pretty sure that was because of the tour. 950 people saw it at least. How do I know? That's how many entered the rafflecopter!

So, you think because my tour is over I'll sink into obscurity? WRONG. :) Today at 7:00pm central time I'm doing a Facebook Takeover at A Closet Full of Books. I'll be giving away SWAG and a couple of books.

Join me!

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