Sunday, August 31, 2014

#Review ~ Now and Forever 1 (a Love Story) by Jean Joachim

Now and Forever 1 (A Love Story)

by Jean Joachim

After the tragic loss of her fiancĂ© to war in Iraq two years earlier, Callie was determined to go on. Still sad, totally alone and low on funds, she traveled to Kensington State University to continue her education. Bravely facing the challenge of building a life on her own, she unexpectedly fell in love with Mac, the handsome dean, who helped her heart mend.

Mac, lonely, divorced with a child, fell for Callie almost the instant he spied her on campus. Patience, perseverance and passion brought Callie to his side. 

However, their road to happiness was fraught with trials from hoping with ghosts from Callie’s past to the demands of Mac’s young son.

Could their happiness survive a scheming ex-wife, a custody battle and murder attempts from a vicious drug gang?

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Beverly's Review:
5 kisses

Now and Forever 1 a Love Story is soft and sultry, heartbreaking and courageous. I don't normally read stories like this. It is a sweet contemporary with just enough of the physical to make the story feel real. I couldn't stop reading it. The story line and more so, the characters, captured my attention and kept me reading. I'm hooked and eagerly getting ready to read Now and Forever 2!

Callie was sad and mourning for the life she should have had. She pulls herself up by starting a new life. She knows though that Kyle loved her enough to want her to live her life. She doesn't forget or stop loving Kyle. Remembering him and his confidence in her is what helps her get through the tough times.  Taking the step she knew she needed to, Callie opens doors that lead her to happiness.

Mac was a man, LOL. Men don't wear jewelry. Men don't show emotions, yada, yada, yada! The beautiful new office assistant manages to turn his world upside down without even knowing it. Doing what is proper is hard. As Dean, Mac couldn't fraternize with the co-eds. But Callie isn't your typical co-ed. She's a graduate student and a little older than the others. There is something fragile about her that brings out the MAN in Mac, something that makes him want to cherish her.

These two characters compliment each other beautifully. Both have faced and overcome the pain in their lives. They find each other and both begin to blossom. A beautiful tale of love and romance, the kind everyone dreams of having. Now and Forever 1 is a wonderful love story of pain, heartbreak, courage and love. Well worth the time and you'll sit back and smile, the pleasure of a wonderful book surrounding you as you close it, knowing the joy of love and happiness that it makes you feel.

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