Friday, November 21, 2014

#MovieReview ~ Into the Storm

Review: Into the Storm

In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is 

ravaged  by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes.

The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly 

Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies
1 hour 36 minutes

An exciting nail biting tornado movie jack potted with comedic elements. 

The redneck storm chasers had me falling out of my seat. Let me tell you, I live in Wisconsin and I know people just like that! LOL funny in parts. 

Excellent storm footage, it's amazing what film making can now do. I was clenching my hands and gritting my teeth holding on as the tornado came. It had heart rending moments. Imagine leaving a message on a cell phone to tell your family how much you loved them as the water starts to cover your head.

If you've ever been in or near or hid from a tornado, Into the Storm will make you feel like you are right back there again.


It should be 5 tornadoes! The only thing it was missing was sharks!

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