Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blogging From A to Z: Beta Males

Beta Males

These are the best friends, the backup, the person who steps forward when the Alpha male is away.

They could be Alpha, but they would rather support the leader than lead.

They can make decisions and do. They however defer to the alpha male.

Beta Males are NOT wimps. Don't think it for a second. Sometimes they are the ones with the plan that will succeed. They can and do use the backdoor to accomplish whatever is necessary.

The Alpha male NEEDS his Beta. He's the one that guards the door. When the Alpha is giving out punishment, the Beta is the one enforcing it.

If you've ready any shifter romances you know there is almost always an Alpha and a Beta. Two in depth personalities that make a pack whole and keep everyone safe.

The diplomat of the two, the Beta is the one to make sure things run smoothly.

The lover AND the fighter.

In Dragons' Mate, Tine is my Alpha and Brand is my Beta. Two intricate parts together to form a whole.

Annie is the cream in the dragon sandwich, lol.

Do you agree or disagree with my description? What do you think a beta male is?