Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blogging from A to Z: Motherhood

M is for Motherhood

I struggled with a topic for M and then I watched NCIS: New Orleans tonight.
I realized that the one thing that meant the most to me was my children.

I'll connect the dots.
It was about a kidnapped baby. It brought home to me something I would never give up. Something that meant more to me than even my own life.
My children. They bring meaning to my life.

I wasn't a stay at home mom. Children sometimes can drive me crazy, but my own never did. Until they were teenagers, of course. Everyone said I was laid back as a mom. If they weren't killing each other I figured it was all good.

Aren't they precious?
We never went on a vacation that didn't include our children. 

We had some wonderful moments.

We have a beautiful and loving family

Despite the distances between us.

And the goofiness that are my children!

Neither one lives with us still but we enjoy our times together.

They make me proud.

My daughter is about to embark on her own journey of motherhood. 
I wish her all the joy that my children brought me. Even the pull my hair out teenage years that they obviously made it through intact.

My husband and I must have done something right.
They are our greatest joy in life.
They inspire me.

The most wonderful letter in the alphabet has to be M for motherhood.

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