Friday, April 17, 2015

Blogging from A to Z: Organize

O is for Organize

Truly that is the last thing I am. I'm so not organized that I'm doing this post shortly before it goes up!

Planning and getting ready for anything requires it. Setting up a book or a plot takes organization. Writing paranormal requires world building and believe me, I have to be organized. In the series I'm writing I have to make sure the personalities, the setting and the physical characteristics remain the same throughout.

I finally broke down and created a worksheet. I had to remember what dragon had what colors for their scales. I had to make sure the names and matched the hair and eyes. That the dragons when they shifted always looked the same.

I had to write up the skills of their mates and make sure the timelines in all of the books meshed. Way too much organization, but I had to do it to ensure that each book was cohesive and the time progression is the same so that the timelines didn't cross over and overlap.

Ugh! I find it hard but to create the worlds I want, I have to learn.

So hopefully you find that me learning to organize creates a world that you enjoy.

A Dragon's Fated Heart series comes out in August 2015.


  1. Yes, sci-fi and paranormal takes organization, for sure. I'm working on a sic-fi/paranormal story now, and it's harder to write than other stories.

    Precious Monsters

    1. I believe it. It's really hard if you're not naturally organized.