Friday, April 24, 2015

Blogging from A to Z: Unknown

U is for Unknown

Ghosts and demons and things that go bump in the night. Here's a little something I wrote about the evil I felt, the unknown danger I felt creeping around me.

I hurried down the walkway, through the lilac bushes and listening to the rustle of the oak trees as their unspoken voices urged me to hurry. The moon glistened in little spots of glitter as it found holes to light my way through the over growth.

I twisted the door knob and pushed, tumbling quickly into the house. I whirled and slammed the door. Anger pulsating in the night as the door prevented entry. The family room was quiet, the only light the embers in the fireplace. Shivering, I headed to my room.

I opened the door enough to squeeze through and closed it quickly. I switched on the light and turned the lock on my door. The blue roses covering my walls brought me a measure of peace. I turned. Shuddering I quickly made my way to the windows. One by one I closed the blinds and pulled the curtains, making sure not a speck of darkness made its way into my room. Scared of the evil lurking outside.

I sat in the corner, as far away as I could from the windows. I was the only one home. I could feel the malevolence surrounding the windows. I could feel the unseen eyes staring at me. The unseen hands trying to get in.

Quickly, I retreated to the one place I felt safe. Closing the door to the closet, I sat. Ensconced in darkness I felt safe. Safe from the evil wanting in.

Have you ever lived somewhere scared of the malevolence that only you could feel? What unknown are you frightened of?

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