Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blogging from A to Z: Go bag

G is for Go Bag

What is that? Well, for a prepper it all depends. Many prepare for 72 hours. It all depends on what you are prepping for. It call also be known as a Bug Out Bag.

EOTW? End of the World, well 72 hours may not be enough.

But, every mother I know is a prepper.  Think about it. You knew how many diapers and wipes to carry with depending on how long you were planning on being gone. Extra clothes? Check. Food? Check.

Think of a Go Bag as a diaper bag for adults, LOL.

Don't disparage preppers.

Think of it. When SHTF wouldn't you want to be prepared? Not everything you'd need it for is an end of the world scenario.

How many people are unprepared in case of a tornado, fire or earthquake? A backpack staged at the door with essentials will be easily grabbed on your way out the door. You won't have to depend on the help of strangers for a change of clothes or a toothbrush.

It doesn't sound so silly now, does it?

Not all preppers are hard core. Most of them, with their Go Bag ready are the neighbor that nods, the guy with the smile, people you'd never suspect.

So think of what you'd need if you're a couple of days away from home.

Would it hurt to be prepared?

I've been researching for my book and delving deeper into a society and thought process that have always intrigued me. What I'm finding is fascinating.