Monday, February 15, 2016

Movie Review ~ Crying Wolf

There is a lot of strange and weird goings on in the little village of Deddington. For centuries a pack of werewolves have resided in the sleepy town but when local girl Charlotte meets a particularly gruesome death, the town is descended upon by reporters, crazy detectives and lunatic hunters desperate to get their story, solve the crime and kill the beasts. But these wolves are smart...very smart.

My Review:

Remember, I like B rated movies! This definitely fit the bill. The cover of the film looks awesome. If only the werewolves had really looked that way!

I laughed and snorted my way through the movie. I about choked when the whole pack changed. I think they forgot the fur on the arms and feet of one. I spit out my water I laughed so hard. Campers, guides, and thieves abound in this hilarious tale of werewolves and revenge. No, they're not extinct! (You'll have to watch it to find out, lol.)

A mix mash of characters weave through out the tale. From old and senile to young and hot, this group of friends eats and drinks their way through the film. Told as a story in a book a nosy private eye reads, Crying Wolf is entertaining from beginning to end.

Curious? Here's where you can find it Amazon! Surprised? LOL. I'm not!

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