Saturday, February 18, 2017

Here's what I've been up to - and it hasn't been writing!

I haven't had as much time to write as I'd like! My daughter and granddaughter are moving back in with us. I've been busy tearing down plaster and prepping a room for drywall. You can see my progress. This was the first wall!
16231013_380845968942558_8740038592279085056_n Then I moved around the room. My house was 100+ years when we bought it 23 years ago!16124273_261117930987371_9210772058802225152_n
Here you can see me in all my gear! Even with the PPE (personal protective equipment) I still had dust and bruises all over me from falling plaster! I looked like I had been beaten by elves!
Behind me you can see where the door used to be. We moved it years ago to put a second bathroom in the house.16230554_679875265526571_7224255753467461632_n
The most dangerous part was the ceiling. That's why I bought and wore the hardhat. Unfortunately they didn't have breast plates! Never had I had so many bruises on that part of my body, lol.
You can see the progress! The door and window trims have all been taken down and stripped. The floor molding will have to be done in place. It was put on with three inch nails that aren't moving! I'll be working on that today, along with calling a drywall man to see when he can come in and complete it. 
You can see the ceiling, windows and two of the walls! I'm leaving the lathe in place as it is heck to get down! I had to remove it in our bathroom, but never again! It will just add another layer of insulation. I'm good with that.
You can see how filthy I am at the end of the day! Mind you, this is after putting in at least 8 hours at my regular job and another 2-3 hours working on the bedroom. I definitely won't be using this as my author photo, lol!
Since I have about 2 weeks before they move back in, I need to finish this room asap! My books are on a holding pattern. Even if I'm not happy about it, family has to come first. Repairing this room will give the girls the two biggest rooms. My husband and I will be moving into the room we're redoing. The smallest bedroom at 15 x 13, it is still a good size. Not to mention it gets the best sunlight in the house! 

So, once they are back home, I'll be able to get on with my writing. I'm close to completing the edits I want on A Dragon's Treasure and then I'll send it off to a professional editor while I hunt down a cover. I'm hoping for a March release but realistically, it will probably be April.

Hope your Saturday isn't as busy or as dirty as mine will be!
If you're looking for something to read, check out my author page! One of my books, Stealing Hope has been reduced to $2.99. I also have a new release, Rise of the Dragons out for .99!
I'm clean in this picture! LOL.

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