Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blogging from A to Z: Xenophobia

X is for Xenophobia

xenophobia /ˌzɛnəˈfoʊbijə/ /ˌziːnəˈfoʊbijə/ noun
Learner's definition of XENOPHOBIA
: fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners

— xenophobe

 /ˈzɛnəˌfoʊb/ /ˈziːnəˌfoʊb/  noun, pluralxenophobes [count]

— xenophobic

 /ˌzɛnəˈfoʊbɪk/ /ˌziːnəˈfoʊbɪk/  adjective [more xenophobic; most xenophobic]
Fear of strangers. Isn't that what we teach our children? Stranger Danger?

I know I did. My daughter won't talk to strangers even today. Of course that is only when she doesn't want to. But she isn't fond of it.
I never had the fear of foreigners. I love to travel and want to see more of the world than I already have. 

I have to wonder if xenophobia is why so many people are shy. Fear. Fear of someone or something unknown. It would make sense.

My father on the other hand has never met a stranger-only a friend he has yet to meet.

Are you like my daughter and me? Or are you like my father-waiting to find friends?

Beverly Ovalle

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