Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cold Nights...Hot Reads blog hop

These cold days of winter make me want to grab something hot! A hot blanket, hot cocoa and to curl up in front a a fire with a hot man!

If I can't have that I'll reach for a hot book! 18+ only!

Meet Dan, my favorite cowboy!

His jeans grew even tighter. Dan shifted on his horse, becoming more uncomfortable as he watched her. Fumbling, watching through the binoculars, he unbuttoned his Levi’s, hissing as he scraped against the denim as his cock sprang free. Letting the reins rest across his leg and making sure his horse would stay steady, he grabbed and fisted himself. Pumping, he imagined he was inside the pink glistening pussy of the wannabe cowgirl, he tightened his hand.

Thrusting forward slightly he continued to pump, a large pearl drop slipping out of the end, lubricating his efforts. He could feel his balls tighten as he enlarged, preparing to ejaculate. He must have made a sound; she whirled focusing the camera on him. He groaned and sprayed thick ropes of cum as he got a good look at her boobs and saw her lift her skirt and play with her clit. Full and round, the nipples at attention and visible through her damp top, a luscious shade of pink, darker than the lips of her sex that glistened as she teasingly ran a finger down and around as he stared at her.

Available: Amazon / SCP / AllRomance / B&N / Kobo / Smashwords

Perhaps you prefer your men two at a time? Meet Tine and Brand, my Dragon Shifters.

Annie bucked her hips as Brand thrust in and out. The pinching of her nipples and licking of her clit sent shivers through her, and as her pounding sped up so did Tine’s tongue. Suddenly, a sharp suction caused Annie to cry out. The clasping of her passage set off a pulsing of Brand’s cock, and wet heat exploded deep into her womb. Tine continued to lick and nibble, long slow licks that cleaned the cream that was oozing out of her, nibbles to her clit that caused shivers with each pass of his tongue and teeth.

Her pussy throbbed and her gut clenched, and against all odds Annie found herself aroused again. It was almost too much, but she wanted more, needed more.

Available: Amazon / BPG / AllRomance / B&N / Kobo / Smashwords / ibooks

Or do your dreams take you away?
Meet my sandman Aryne

He licked upward, rimming the indent of her belly button, dipping his tongue inside and pulling back. He ran fingers down the creases of both of her thighs, avoiding where she burned, his hands trailing fire everyplace else they touched. Shivers wracked her body in anticipation.

He stepped away and removed his clothes, pulling his shirt over his head and pushing down his soft, loose trousers to the floor. Leaning over he picked them up, folding them and placing them meticulously on the chair by the door. The moonlight through the window emphasized the starkness of his features, the hard planes of his body, the soft lushness of his lips.

He stepped toward her, golden skin gleaming. His purposeful pace made her heart speed up. Her eyes marked his every movement. He flicked back his dark hair. She licked her lips in anticipation, her throat almost too dry to swallow. Naked, glorious, he reached her and stepped once again between her spread knees, leaned down to take what he knew was his. 


Sometimes I'd just prefer a troubled man. An Army veteran, someone I could help. Levi

Levi swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. He held her as she slowly sipped. He couldn’t help but stare. Her skin was golden brown, even toned across her body. Her nipples were a dark raspberry brown, pebbled in the slight breeze. Levi hardened uncomfortably, his erection growing, pressing painfully against the tight denim of his jeans. He wanted a taste of the sweet looking chocolate. But that wouldn’t be right. She needed his help.

“Where did you come from? Where are you staying?” She didn’t answer him, looking at him with her big green eyes as she continued to drink. He continued anyway. “Is your camp site near here? Is there anyone you need me to call?”

She lowered the water bottle from her mouth and stretched, arching back across his arm, raising her breasts within inches of his mouth and groaned. He shook himself to attention. She was injured. He needed to reign in his lust. Her stretch had dislodged the sleeping bag even more. He swallowed. He could see her secrets, bare to his eyes. Her jewel, pink and luscious, peeked out from between her thighs. Her lips were plump, pinker than her nipples with just a hint of chocolate. Levi throbbed, wanting nothing more than to taste her sweetness. “Where does it hurt?” His voice was raspy, his tone deeper as he tried to ignore his arousal.


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