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#Review ~ Raining Kisses (The Opeth Pack Saga Book 2) by Sascha Illyvich

Raining Kisses 

by Sascha Illyvich
After slaughtering Katarina's brother and father, along with a handful of other wolves who tried to abuse them, Nicholaus realizes his true darkness and decides to leave Hungary to keep his lovers safe from him. Relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nicholaus made a life for himself where he controlled the shots until the Opeth Pack messenger shows up with one of his lovers, requesting his assistance back in Hungary. 

Katarina's other lover Krystyna has done something bad, but what, Katarina doesn't know. Her heart aches for both her stubborn lovers and forces her to find the courage to venture to America and bring Nicholaus back. Once the threesome reunites, sparks explode but secrecy threatens to tear the triad apart, as does Prophecy. Will Nicholaus remain with the two women who hold his heart, or will his lack of control make him return to the States, alone forever?

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My Review:
5 kisses

I have to admit, you don't always find a sequel that is as good or better than the first one, but I loved this even more than His Reign.

The emotions come through, the angst and the love. The characters complement each other making this a very believable triad. I had to laugh at the women saying the Opeth Pack men were idiots! Don't all women say that at some point or another? Nicholaus is as hard headed as they come. Their faults make this so much more believable.

All three, Katarina, Krystyna and Nicholaus make mistakes. The good thing about a true mates as that they have enough love to forgive them. No matter how unforgivable they appear to be.

This is an awesome book and I'm hooked on the series. Sascha has a way with words and emotions that draw you in. Raining Kisses is smoking hot, the love scenes sensual and exciting. All around a wonderful book. It is a stand alone, so you can read it by itself, but why would you?

Well, that's my review and I'm sticking to it. I'm now off to read Kisses Fall. (Yup the Opeth Pack Saga #3)

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