Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bats? Ruining writing time?

Saving Wisconsin's bats

Bats are a vital part of many ecosystems. They help control pests and are pollinators and seed-dispersers for countless plants. As predators of biting insects, bats may also play an important role in reducing risk of insect-borne diseases, such as the West-Nile Virus. For now, Wisconsin's bat population is stable. But a deadly fungus is racing through cave-dwelling bat populations in eastern states causing extensive mortality, and unfortunately reached the southwest corner of the state in spring 2014.

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Why bats?
They are causing the lack of writing time in my household. 
Say what?
Truth! My daughter and granddaughter (the cuteness!) have bats in their apartment. It is illegal to remove bats when they might be nesting. Early spring and late fall is the time they can be moved. 
How do I know? :) How do you think? I had to have my house bat proofed! They managed to find their way into mine and out into the rooms! A man and a large bill later and I've been bat free for 4 years.
So, since the bats aren't moving, my daughter did - back home. A six week old darling keeps grandma here busy! Too darn busy to touch the keyboard. I'm having to sneak in writing time and it's proving almost impossible! 
Thank goodness I have one story coming out in a box set on 9/19/2015, another in edits coming out in October and I'm working on following up my beta readers suggestions on another to get that story submitted.
No time for writing anything new.

No Heart Left Behind is the name of the box set.
Join us on Sept 19 at 10:00 am central time for our release party. Lots of fun and twelve authors in all to meet and greet. I'll be on at 6:00 pm central time, but please join sooner!

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